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The Ultimate Surfboard Travel Bag Buying Guide

The Ultimate Surfboard Travel Bag Buying Guide

Alright, surf adventurers! One of the most crucial, yet often overlooked, pieces of gear is a solid, protective surfboard travel bag. With so many options out there, from varied padding thicknesses to different materials, picking the perfect one can be a bit of a ride. No worries though, we've got you covered at Circle One with a range of board bags that fit just about any surfboard, bodyboard, or SUP. Let’s dive in and find your board’s new best friend!

Surfboard Bags

Whether you’re rocking a shortboard or a longboard, we’ve got a bag that’ll fit just right. Check out the table below for all the deets on our surfboard travel bags and measure your board to ensure a perfect fit. Our bags have a bit of extra room, so an 8ft bag will comfortably fit an 8ft board with a bit of wiggle room.


Bag Length (ft) Bag Width (Widest Point) Bag Weight Unloaded (kg)
5' 6" 24" (61cm) 1.95kg
6' 24" (61cm) 2.02kg
6' 6" 24" (61cm) 2.14kg
7' 25.5" (65cm) 2.32kg
7' 6" 25.5" (65cm) 2.36kg
8' 26" (66cm) 2.62kg
8' 6" 26" (66cm) 2.92kg
9' 27" (69cm) 2.96kg
9' 6" 27" (69cm) 3.12kg
9' 6" (SUP Bag) 36" (91.5cm) 3.82kg
10' 6" (SUP Bag) 37" (94cm) 3.98kg
11' (SUP Bag) 37" (94cm) 4.15kg
12' (SUP Bag) 37" (94cm) 4.76kg


Our surfboard bags come packed with:

  • 5mm High-Density Foam Padding: Keeps your board safe from dings and dents.
  • 600D Polyester Fabric: Tough enough to handle any travel adventure.
  • Robust Handles and Shoulder Straps: Easy on the shoulders, perfect for long hauls.
  • Two-Way Metal Zips: Durable and smooth, with a wide opening for easy packing.

Double Surfboard Bags

Traveling with a quiver? Our double surfboard bags are your go-to. These bags are perfect for hauling multiple boards or those chunky surfboards that need extra room. They also offer space for extra gear when you’re heading out on a surf trip.

SUP Bags

Got a hard stand-up paddleboard? Our padded SUP bags are just what you need. These bags fit boards up to 12ft, making them perfect for your next paddle adventure. With the same top-notch features as our surfboard bags, they’ll keep your SUP safe whether you're storing it or taking it on the go.

Bodyboard Bags

Finding a tough bodyboard bag can be a hassle, but not anymore. Our bodyboard bags are built to last, holding up to three bodyboards plus fins and accessories. Made with durable 600D fabric and reinforced stitching, these bags are designed for the long haul. The padded backpack straps make it a breeze to carry everything to your favourite beach spot.


Skimboard Bags

Don’t leave your skimboard out! Our skimboard bags are crafted from the same high-quality materials as our other bags and come with a handy carry strap. Perfect for keeping your board in top shape whether you’re storing it or on the move. Check out our skimboard bundles that include everything you need: an epoxy skimboard, wax, grip pad, and a skimboard bag.

Get in Touch

Got questions or need help picking the right bag? Hit us up at or give us a call at 0330 043 1256. We’re here to make sure your gear is protected and ready for your next session!

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