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Skimboard Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right Skimboard For You

Skimboard Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right Skimboard For You

Welcome to the Circle One Skimboard Buying Guide

Hey there, skimboarders! Ready to dive into the world of skimboarding? At Circle One, we’re all about delivering the very best epoxy glass fibre and carbon fibre skimboards for serious wave action. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your game, we’ve got the perfect board for you. Let's break it down and find your ideal ride!

Types of Skimboarding

Flatland Skimming

This is all about skimming along the flat shoreline or shallow water at the shore break or a lake. It’s great for beginners and perfect for practicing tricks on a smooth surface.

Wave Riding

Take your skimboarding further out to ride those curling waves just offshore. This style is more challenging but incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Versatile Uses

Skimboards aren’t just for the beach! They’re also awesome for wakesurfing and kitesurfing when you want to ditch the straps.

Our epoxy glass fibre and carbon fibre skimboards are light, strong, and perfect for growing your confidence and pulling off tricks.

Which Construction Should I Choose?

Wooden Skimboards

These are flat, heavy, and thin – good for family fun and light adults or kids, but limited in performance.

Epoxy Glass Fibre or Carbon Fibre Skimboards

These are the real deal for serious skimboarders! They’re lighter, float better, and often have a rocker (upward curve) for efficient turning and carving. These boards are thicker with a larger surface area, perfect for catching waves further out.

All our skimboards feature the classic pintail design for optimal balance and performance. Here’s a quick comparison:

Epoxy Glass Fibre

  • High-density EPS foam core
  • Two layers of fiber laminated with premium epoxy resin
  • Great durability and performance

Carbon Fibre

  • Replaces one layer of fiber with aerospace-grade carbon fiber
  • Superior rigidity and responsiveness
  • Top-notch materials for the best ride possible

Which Size Skimboard Should I Choose?

Your height and weight are key factors in picking the right skimboard size. Here’s a handy table for reference:

Rider Weight (Stone) Rider Weight (Kg) Recommended Skimboard Length (Inches)
Up to 7 Up to 45 39" - 43"
7 - 10 45 - 65 43" - 46"
8.5 - 11.5 55 - 75 46" - 50"
10 - 13 65 - 80 50" - 52"
11.5 - 14.5 75 - 90 52" - 54"
13 - 16 80 - 100 54" - 56"
14.5 - 17.5 90 - 110 56"


Your skimboard should ideally reach between your waist and chest height. Here are a few more tips:

  • Beginners: Opt for a larger board for easier riding and more float.
  • Advanced Riders: Go for a smaller board for flexibility and easier trick performance.
  • Speed & Distance Seekers: Longer boards are your best bet.

Skimboard Accessories


A must-have for grip – just like a surfboard.

Traction Pads and Arch Bars

For even better grip and control. Our skimboard packages often include these, along with wax and a premium skimboard bag.

Need More Help?

Got questions or need personalised advice? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 0330 043 1256 or email us at Happy skimboarding!


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